It’s not just fuels that can be purchased with the Shell Card

The Shell Card is a single payment solution for all your mobility needs and your gateway to the largest fuel network and other Shell services.

Vehicle washes, lubricants, food, and services on the road - such as road tolls, ferry payments, and tax support - can all be purchased on a single card. All your transactions are shown on one invoice in the Shell Fleet Hub, helping to reduce your administration time by enabling you to monitor your fleet’s fuel card usage online.

Shell Fuel Card

Helping to save you time and worry

With one card for all your drivers’ needs along with comprehensive services and support along the way, the Shell Card makes every day hassle-free.

  • 50+ years of fuel card expertise
  • The world’s most accepted fuel card
  • Receive exclusive up-front pricing and loyalty benefits
  • Advanced security features and fraud detection and prevention services
  • Make life easy by consolidating your fuel card with one experienced, global provider
  • Purchase any of our products, anytime using a single card - from a tank of fuel, to a cup of coffee and a newspaper

Choose the card that’s right for your business

No matter the shape and size of your fleet, the countries that you operate in and the costs that you need to cover, there is a Shell Card that’s right for you.

Discover How We Can Help Your Fleet

On the Road

On the Road

  • Fuel cards

    Standard and EV fuel cards

    Simple and secure payment solutions that make managing expenses easier. When you apply for your card, you can decide whether you want to refuel exclusively at Shell fuel stations (Single Network),at both Shell and partner network stations (Multi Network), or enable EV charging payment capabilities.

  • Network

    Large network including EV charging

    Access to the largest network of retail sites across the globe at 44,000 Shell branded sites in more than 75 countries. Also accepted across our even larger partner network; offering access to around 200,000 sites worldwide. For international fleets we have extensive coverage on most international transit corridors, and fleets using electric vehicles can access the Shell Recharge and NewMotion Charging Networks.

  • Fuels and alternative fuels

    Fuels and alternative fuels

    Whether your still using traditional fuel like our standard fuels, Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel or are interested in reducing your carbon emission with help from our wide portfolio of alternative fuels and Shell Recharge network for electric vehicles, the Shell Card gets you access and exclusive discounts to high-quality fuel for your vehicles.

  • Services on the road

    Services on the road

    A single solution to cover all your drivers’ tolls and expenses, bringing them together on one invoice. Find out more

  • Fleet mobility solutions

    Fleet mobility solutions

    New mobility products and services, such as telematics, route optimisation and tolling solutions, to benefit you and your drivers.

  • On site facilities

    On site facilities

    We know that for your business to keep moving your drivers need to refuel as well as your vehicles. Our on-site facilities include warm food and drink, clean restroom facilities as well as secured parking, Wi-Fi, seating areas, and CCTV. Operating a HGV fleet? Our network includes HGV-specific sites offering HGV lanes and high-speed pumps to ensure your drivers and be on their way quickly as well as dedicated truck parking and rest areas.

At your desk

At Your Desk

  • Fleet Hub

    Shell Fleet Hub

    A complete online management solution for your fleet that enables you to keep track, control and manage all of your fleet’s fuel needs. Order and cancel cards, add new users, manage your card groups, change card details, and much more.

  • Tax reclaiming

    Savings you can see

    Some see a card to pay for fuel. We see opportunities to save you money. Receive VAT quickly to improve cash flow, help resource planning and reduce administration costs. Shell fuel card customers can receive VAT in as little as 14 days from date of invoice, improving cash flow and resource planning.

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind

    Built around Shell Fleet Hub and the Shell Card, our security services gives fleet managers the tools to the need to have more control over a fleet spending and to stamp out fraud. Extensive options to set card limits, 24/7 card blocking and unblocking, suspicious activity alerts and a secure online platform that keeps all transactions safe and secure. Every Shell Fuel Card is protected by an individual card PIN, adding a further layer of security, and we have additional security options to help encourage your drivers to look after cards carefully.