Streamline data, reduce admin & explore new solutions for your fleet

In a growingly connected world, optimising data is central to running an efficient fleet. Using data effectively can help fleet managers increase productivity and reduce overtime by 10-15%.1 But to get the most from your fleet’s data it must be effectively managed and integrated into your operations.

Shell Application Planning Interfaces (Shell APIs) is a simple way to manage your digital requests. By integrating Shell Apps, Shell Card data and services into your own systems, apps and websites, Shell APIs help to automate processes and manual tasks to limit admin time.

And, from your fleet data, Shell APIs can introduce new features and offerings into your systems, helping you to discover new opportunities. With several interfaces to choose from you can select the right combination of Shell APIs to meet the requirements of your fleet.

The benefits to your business

Illustration of processing card payments on smartpohone

No matter the size of your fleet, our APIs help you to harness data, simplify day-to-day tasks, improve control and develop new ways of working.

  • Automate - Integrate daily Shell Card transactional data with your own apps and systems to help reduce time-consuming manual tasks
  • Control - Gain clearer oversight and control over cards and spending to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Flexibility - APIs can be combined enabling flexible functionality to create actions and improve processes

Insightful data

Illustration of data visualisation dashboard

We offer three packaged data bundles that each focus on a distinct business need for fleets:

  • Data and Reporting – Get a holistic view of your fleet’s costs by integrating Shell Card data and services into your fleet management systems. Automatically trigger actions and automated tasks
  • Card Management and Security – Block, order and cancel cards faster and with greater ease. Gain better control over the lifecycle of your cards, including using flexible spending limits. 
  • Shell SmartPay – Integrating Shell SmartPay API with your own apps means drivers can easily pay for fuel via a mobile device at Shell stations making life easier for your drivers with a simple one-stop platform and no need to queue.

Your guide through integration

Illustration of integration of data from different sources

While integration timings vary depending on the bundle you choose and your internal processes and resources, we have a four-step, tried-and-tested process to help with get you up and running:

  1. Our dedicated team will advise on the best suited APIs for your business
  2. Access onboarding documents to help your IT team estimate timings and workloads for integration
  3. We’ll provide test environments, sample data and code samples to test integrated functionalities quickly
  4. Once you’re live we’ll help you troubleshoot any issues and provide advice to get the most out of your APIs

We also offer a comprehensive set of tools and support to help your IT team integrate our REST APIs into your existing systems.

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