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There’s more to running a fleet than simply getting from A to B

Making sure your vehicles look their best and keep your drivers safe when they need to stop is key for fleet managers, and Shell has a range of services that can help.

Support for your fleet at every stage of its journey

Truck Parking

Our large network of reliable and secure parking will make life easier for your drivers, while giving you peace of mind knowing that your cargo is safe, and that your business is complying with road safety legislation.

Truck Washing

Clean trucks act as a business card for your company, and regular cleans can help you to reduce maintenance costs. Working with a wide network of truck washing providers, we can help you to easily integrate wash-stops into your driver’s routes.

Tank Cleaning

In order to comply with health and safety standards, it’s vital that tankers are given regular, thorough cleans, inside and out. Our partners’ staff are specially trained to clean your vehicles to an exacting standard, every time.

We work with a number of partners to provide a large network of cleaning, washing and parking sites across Europe. We currently offer parking, truck washing and tank cleaning in 11 European countries, and our network is rapidly growing.

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Discover More of Shell’s Services on the Road

Shell Fleet Hub

Shell Fuel Card online allows you to set up reports, alerts and manage e-invoicing securely letting you track every transaction of every journey.

On the Road Repairs

When your vehicles need minor or major repairs on the road, we’re here to help. Our European partner network of repair service providers means there’s always suitable assistance on hand.