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Minimising costs in the drive to net-zero

As the world works towards net-zero emissions to support the goal of the Paris Agreement, how can Shell help you to reach your targets while continuing to stay commercially viable? Our carefully designed range of products and services will help you along your journey.

Products & Services to future-proof your business

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Driver in cabin of truck

Competitive Pricing

Give your fleet the edge with competitive prices. A tiered rebate programme rewards loyalty, discounts are offered at the sites you use most often, and transparent pricing allows you to manage your spend.

A driver in training

Driver Training

Equip your drivers with the knowledge to stay safe and secure, with specialist training modules. Completing Shell driver training has been proven to improve fuel efficiency.

Driver in cabin of truck

Route Planning

Calculate costs related to fuel and tolls with the Shell Fleet Assistant. The real-time fleet management and monitoring system is designed to help your business increase efficiency.

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Navigate your pathway to net zero

Help your fleet reduce its carbon footprint - and navigate the net-zero pathway that is ideal for you. Avoid, reduce and offset emissions with a strategy - tailored for your needs - with products and services that will allow you to achieve sustainability, both efficiently and profitably.

A more efficient, seamless fleet

The ultimate convenience for all aspects of fleet management. We’re on a mission to make road freight management as frictionless as possible - with easier methods to pay for fuel, simpler ways to plan routes and a new range of services on the road.

Shell CRT Tools & Services

At Shell we offer a comprehensive suite of road transport tools and services 24/7, helping you to get the most out of your fleet.

Shell Commercial Road Transport in your Country