Close up of a truck being jet washed

Truck washing

Enjoy easy booking and a network that continues to grow

  • A network of 500 sites
  • Additional interior washing service for many vehicle types
  • Easy booking with our online platform
  • Convenient settlement via your regular Shell Card invoice
  • Compliance with hygiene standards such as HACCP

The benefits

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    Save time

    Simply integrate your wash stops in your drivers’ regular tours to avoid detours and overtime hours, thanks to easy booking in advance on the online platform.

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    Save money

    A user-friendly online platform gives you an overview of your cleaning intervals to help you to avoid unnecessary cleans and costs.

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    Feel Secure

    When it comes to compliance with hygiene standards, our solution makes it easier to stay in control and up-to-date. Cleaning certificates are clearly stated on each invoice and are accessible through your dashboard, plus you can download a comprehensive GMP registration report with one click.

  • Icon of control dials

    Maximum control

    Set preferred cleaning intervals in your dashboard and enjoy real-time insights. Administrators also receive an email when a service is used and weekly email reports.

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Tank cleaning

For tankers and silo trucks, knowing your vehicles are completely free of contamination between loads is vital. Our service offers professional cleaning of both the inside and outside of your vehicles which you can book regularly, in advance.

Truck Parking

Getting your vehicles to their destination safely takes a lot of coordination and finding a secure place to park is often top of drivers’ minds. Through our partnerships, Shell can help provide a fast-growing network of safe, reliable parking for your fleet.