Making European tolling simple

Making European tolling simple

Running a fleet across borders is a complex business. Different national tolling systems can slow down your drivers, while the admin that goes with them can do the same back at base. Our solution can help.

A customised tolling solution for every business

Shell’s European tolling solution is tailored to tackle the many different challenges you face. Leading the way in seamless toll transactions, we use the latest technology to give you the most comprehensive coverage on the continent.

Handle all your tolling needs with one simple service

Handle all your tolling needs with one simple service

Everything’s designed to be seamless – from simple registration for one or multiple on-board units (OBUs) and one set of invoices for all toll payments through to managing all your fuel and non-fuel spending through your Shell Card account.

Take control with a solution built around you and your business

Take control with a solution built around you and your business

Whatever the size or make-up of your fleet, our experts can help you set up an electronic toll payment solution that works for you today, and has the adaptability to flex when you need it to in the future.

Benefit from a future-proof service from a partner you can trust

Benefit from a future-proof service from a partner you can trust

Shell’s 30 years’ of experience in fleet tolling technology and strong relationships with major providers ensures our system will evolve with the EETS market and your own needs.

Product benefits

  • The widest coverage

    The widest coverage

    Pay your road and tunnel fee payments seamlessly in more than 33 countries – and in multiple countries using a single OBU.

  • Save money

    Save money

    Register for automatic payment of refunds and discounts offered and reduce the risk of fines for missed toll payments.

  • Tailored for you

    Tailored for you

    Our team will work with you to find the toll payment solution which suits your business and your fleet needs best.

  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Installation of OBUs is fast and simple, and registration and ordering are handled by our team of toll experts.

  • Integrated with Shell Card

    Integrated with Shell Card

    Manage all fleet expenses with a single supplier through the Shell Card, including fuels and non-fuel spending such as parking, ferries and truck washes.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Intuitive technology and free over-the-air updates make our solution simpler for you and your drivers to use.

  • Save time

    Save time

    Simplify admin with a single set of invoices every month for all your tolling payments – in your own currency.

  • Stay updated

    Stay updated

    Extra tools to support you with running your fleet more efficiently; updates on the latest toll news, 24/7 fleet tracking, the Shell eRoad Service portal, our toll calculator and more.

What is EETS


What is EETS?

The European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) directive aims to simplify the process of paying tolls. It proposes a single OBU that is compatible with all European road charging systems, and Shell is at the forefront of the drive to make this happen. To find out more about EETS and see frequently asked questions, follow the link below.

The Shell EETS Box


The Shell EETS Solution

Our answer to the EETS directive is the Shell EETS solution. Easy to install and use, it gives you a single platform for managing everything from toll payments, discounts, and refunds to invoicing and data management, and we can provide coverage across more than 10 countries. As your single supplier providing over-the-air updates, the Shell EETS solution can help you take the complexity and hassle out of EETS. Let’s work together to find the best solution to your specific European tolling needs.

The Shell EETS solution network

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The Shell EETS Solution network
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Current coverage

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Shell EETS Solution lets you travel across these countries with a single device. As new territories join EETS, they will be wirelessly added to our network until there is a universal solution for all of Europe.

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Growing in 2022

Slovenia, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.

These countries are expected to join the Shell EETS network in 2021 – until then you can still bring them under your contract with Shell, combining the Shell EETS solution with an OBU from a local toll provider.

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Local solutions

These countries do not yet offer an EETS solution, but you can use your Shell Card to link to a national toll payment solution through a local provider.

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