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Truck Repairs

A European-wide safety net

With the right assistance, a breakdown doesn’t have to mean a disaster. From minor damage like broken mirrors and flat tyres, to bigger problems like defective containers or engine issues, we provide an easy way to find, book and pay for emergency repairs no matter where you are. With our partners, we can link you to convenient and trusted repair locations with simple payment via your Shell Card.

  • Immediate access to a comprehensive European truck repair network
  • Enjoy reliable service from over 300 workshops and counting
  • Convenient settlement via your regular Shell Card invoice
  • Peace of mind for drivers with less administrative hassle and no language barriers to deal with

How it works

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    When a driver has a breakdown or vehicle issue on route, they alert their fleet manager who then searches for a suitable repair service via our partner’s app, website or by phone.

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    Fleet managers can then book via the app or website, or alternatively, your driver can contact the repair service directly by phone. When your driver arrives at the repair location, or when the repair partner comes to them, they’ll be given an indication of expected costs*.

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    Once the repair is carried out, the costs will be automatically added to your Shell Card invoice. Or, your driver can pay on-the-spot with their Shell Card, and the transaction will be processed and then added to your invoice.

* If the repair costs exceed a driver’s card limit, a consultation takes place between an agent from our repair network partner and a Shell Card representative to approve the spend.

For more information on our repairs service and how it works, reach out to your local Shell representative.

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