Why Shell Services on the Road?

The task of managing a fleet is now more complex than ever before.

That’s why Shell Commercial Road Transport has developed a range of Services on the Road that simplify the task of managing a busy fleet, while out on the road. With the Shell Card behind you, it’s easier to manage your fleet and control costs.

Going the extra mile to support your fleet

Going the extra mile to support your fleet

We are here to help save you time and money, keep your team safe, and reduce the risk of fraud. Our Services one the Road include:

  • Road, tunnels, and bridges tolls and tax payments
  • Ferry and train bookings
  • Tax and duty recover
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Fast and efficient tax recovery

One card does it all

Your Shell Card is the smart solution for cashless payments on the road – and not just for fuel. Our fuel card services also let you pay for non-fuel transactions, such as road tolls, breakdown assistance, truck on train and ferry trips — all without the need for your drivers to use cash. All your spending is consolidated onto a single invoice, giving you complete transparency and control.

Road toll and tax payments

Shell is leading the way in seamless road toll payments, making it simple for your fleet to navigate different charging schemes for roads, tunnels and bridges.

  • Up-to-date information

    Up-to-date information

    Get the latest information on tolls and taxes that affect your business.

  • Consolidated charges

    Consolidated charges

    Charges appear alongside other Shell Card expenditures on one consolidated invoice.

  • Automatic rebates

    Automatic rebates

    We also pass on rebates for frequent motorway users.

Shell EETS

European Electronic Toll Services

European Electronic Toll Services (EETS)

One partner to navigate Europe’s many different charging schemes:

  • Shell is leading the way in seamless road, tunnel and bridge toll payments
  • We already offer solutions with the widest coverage on the continent 
  • In line with European Commission legislation, we are well on the way to providing a universal solution for European toll payments, with a steady stream of new countries being added to our network

Read more about Shell EETS

Extra Services

Allowing you to focus on getting the best out of your business

  • Easy booking and payment for ferry and train services

    Easy booking and payment for ferry and train services

    Book through our partner Transcamion on more than 1,200 European ferry routes and combine road and rail travel to make intermodal travel simple.

    Learn more about booking

  • Fast and efficient tax recovery

    Fast and efficient tax recovery

    Our service includes a dedicated adviser who handles applications from start to finish, liaising with the authorities in their own language, saving you administration time, speeding up repayments and helping to improve your cash flow.

    Learn more about VAT & Excise Duty

  • Breakdown assistance

    Breakdown assistance

    Reliable, 24/7 assistance in nearly 40 European countries for vehicles over 3.5 tons. Drivers can call one number to explain the problem in their own language, helping to keeps your team safe and gets your vehicles back on the road.

    Learn more about Repairs