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Every Licensee benefits from a unique combination of global brand strength, winning fuels technology, convenience retail leadership, tailored support and trusted licensing experience.

An expert by your side, every step of the way

The Shell Retail Brand Licensing package provides you with tools and guidance across all areas of mobility retail – ranging from fuels (traditional fuels as well as new fuels including e-mobility), to convenience retail, marketing campaigns and digital tools and channels.

When you become a Shell Licensee, we provide access to the retail, commercial and operational know-how you need to set up and run your fuels and convenience retail business. As well as the commercial advantages of the Shell brand and access to our marketing campaigns and promotions, you will also have the support of a dedicated Brand License Manager and the wider Shell team.

Licensees that adopted the Shell brand for their service stations network have seen a 30% increase in fuel volume uplift following rebranding¹.

A proven model for growing a mobility retail business

We have seen a tremendous growth journey in the Shell Retail Brand Licensing business for more than a decade and our Licensees are highly satisfied working with us. In fact, 91% of Licensees say they would recommend us as a business partner2. We’re here to support you and help drive growth within your business. The Shell Retail Brand Licensing package is designed to bring you higher sales, margins and returns, while reducing risk. 

A proven model for growing a mobility retail business

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Shell retail site in China
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Powerful brand

When you partner with Shell3, you can benefit from over a hundred years’ experience in the energy market.
You will be sharing in the success of a brand that is independently valued at $42.2 billion4 and sits among the top 30 brands worldwide – the highest in the industry, and more valuable than Starbucks, Coca Cola and Nike.

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Premium fuels

Motorsports provide us with the ultimate testing ground, helping us to develop better fuels and lubricants for customers around the world, where innovations from the track are transferred to the road.
In fact, 21% of the Scuderia Ferrari 2018 Power Unit’s lap time gain was delivered by Shell V-Power fuel and Shell Helix Ultra engine oil race formulations.

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Non-fuels retail

Shell is the world’s largest mobility retailer, selling $6 billion of convenience retail products, and 250 million cups of coffee annually.
Our support package for non-fuels retail can help you to run a successful convenience retail business: from opening a new store in the right location to helping you recruit and train staff, having the right offer, keeping shelves stocked with products customers want, and running the day-to-day operations and marketing.

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Branded marketing campaigns

As a Licensee, you will enjoy access to our branded marketing campaigns, promotions and Shell merchandise.
Licensees can use millions of dollars’ worth of campaigns and promotions that Shell has developed and implemented worldwide, from TV commercials by award-winning Hollywood directors to on-site promotions with global brands, and millions of digital interactions on the web and social media every day.

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What our Licensees say

“You have the freedom to be a licensed market and at the same time you have the backbone of the Shell organisation to support you.”

Shell Licensee in Denmark

Licensee testimonials

1 Based on six markets rebranded to Shell
2 Shell Voice of Licensee survey, November 2020
3 Through entering into a Retail Brand License Agreement.
4 Brand Finance 2021

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