An opportunity to bring Shell Retail to new a country or territory

Licensees operate networks of Shell-branded sites based on a Shell Retail Brand Licensing agreement for a specific territory – usually a country or region where Shell has no direct retail presence.

Most of our new Licensees join us with an existing retail network and infrastructure together with industry experience. However, we also work with entrepreneurs interested in developing a new national fuel retailing network backed by our global brand.

If your fuel retailing network in located in an existing Shell market, you may wish to consider Shell Dealer and Retailer opportunities.

Ready to take the next step?

Every Licensee benefits from a unique combination of global brand strength, winning fuels technology, convenience retail leadership, tailored support and trusted licensing experience.

As your business evolves from a ‘fuels’ to a ‘mobility’ retailer, you will have an expert by your side, creating new opportunities to satisfy all of your customers’ needs as they go along their future journeys. You will get all the support you need in rebranding and operating a Shell branded retail business, even if you are starting up as a new player in the market.

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“If you want to grow your mobility retailing network and you want to do it with the best brand in the industry, Shell brand licensing is for you. We are committed to helping and supporting your business, so it grows from strength to strength. It’s all about value generation together.”

Kai-Uwe Witterstein
General Manager, Shell Retail Licensed Markets


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