Shell is the world’s #1 mobility retailer

Shell is the world’s largest mobility retailer, by number of sites, with 45 thousand service stations operating in close to 80 countries. This is more sites than McDonalds or Zara, Carrefour, Starbucks and GAP put together. We operate different models across these markets, including full ownership of retail sites, Retail Brand Licensing, Wholesale, and Dealer models.


  • Red Ferrari on a Shell forecourt


    Shell has spent over 100 years developing innovative fuels and fuels technology that boost engine performance and efficiency. Shell V-Power is the bestselling premium fuel in the world, accounting for close to 20% of Shell’s Global Retail volume.

  • Shell Select shop and deli on a Shell site


    Shell is the world’s largest mobility retailer, selling $6 billion of convenience retail products, and 250 million cups of coffee annually. We provide you with what you need to run a highly profitable shop or convenience store, alongside our fuel offerings.



    You can tap into the benefits of over a hundred years’ experience in the energy business and share in the prestige of the Shell brand.



    Shell’s success is driven by a reputation for premium service and quality products, which can deliver compelling results for Licensees.



    Our position as a thought leader in the energy industry means that, as a partner, you will benefit from that focus on finding the best possible solutions to consumers’ needs.



    We are committed to collaborating with our Licensees to shape all of our futures, and meet the next generation retail challenge head-on with an award winning digital ecosystem and new ways to communicate with customers1.



    Continued investment in new technologies, fuel formulations and global partnerships will protect your future too. By providing the energy to power the vehicles of tomorrow, Shell will help you to continue to grow your business.

What our Licensees say

86% of our Licensee are “very satisfied/satisfied” and 91% tell us they recommend Shell as a business partner2

Licensee testimonials

1 Shell App: Gold Award for Best Mobile App experience in EMEA in Dec 2017 by Mobile Marketing Association; GLOMO Award Winner for Best use of mobile for Retail, Brands & Commerce in Feb 2017 by Mobile World Congress –GSMA.
2 Shell Voice of Licensee survey, November 2020