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Off-road electrification solutions to reduce emissions

Initially targeted at select customers in the mining sector, Shell plans to extend the offering to other customers in hard-to-abate transportation and industrial sectors such marine for short sea shipping, construction and road building, and agricultural and forestry management. The electrification solutions integrate across an industrial operation, are modular in design and will offer inter-operability across a range of equipment manufacturers.

From charging to microgrids

Shell’s suite of off-road electrification solutions is an integrated end-to-end solution which can also be deployed in a modular fashion based on the customer need:

Off-road electrification solutions

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    Power provisioning & microgrids

    Working with Shell Energy to provide a consistent supply of renewable power1 in a safe and stable manner.

  • Miners with all-terrain vehicles and dumper trucks in surface coal mine

    Site energy management

    We manage and optimise the energy infrastructure integrating into existing systems to meet energy needs efficiently and effectively.

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    Charging via flexible, hardwearing (resilient) on-site charge-points that allow assets continuous operations in the most challenging of environments.

  • Offshore Platform Kroonborg, Netherlands, with a Shell Tanker next to it

    In-vehicle/vessel energy storage

    Through a combination of advanced battery and capacitor technologies, our battery solutions aim to provide long lifetimes, fast charging and strong performance.

Why choose Shell for your electrification needs?

Electrification will continue to be an important area of focus for both Shell and our customers. Together, we will lead the charge towards a more efficient, effective, and electric future.

Electrification is just one of the ways we are working with customers to accelerate their transition to net-zero emissions. Shell also markets wholesale and retail power, natural gas and environmental products, demand response, asset management, and energy solution sales to commercial and industrial customers. Visit our Shell Energy webpage for more information.

The Shell off-road electrification solutions offer is:

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    With end-to-end solutions that cover the entire value chain’s needs.

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    Between different OEMs, as well as equipment and solutions providers.

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    Economically feasible

    In terms of being total cost of ownership (TCO) neutral or better when compared to diesel.

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    Minimal operational impact

    Thanks to zero effective time lost with charging, alongside maximum operational flexibility.

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    Depending on customer requirements Shell could help partial or complete value chain as needed.