Country: Philippines and Indonesia

Application: Lubrication expertise across marine and offshore applications

Benefit: The customer’s staff can get useful information from the Shell RLA programme and are therefore better equipped to implement effective lubrication practices.

Key Edge: Shell LubeCoach service 

POSH Fleet Services Pte Ltd (POSH) is a leading offshore marine services provider in Asia Pacific with over 60 years’ operating experience and specialist expertise in offshore and
marine oilfield services.

To improve the equipment reliability and performance of its vessels, the company conducts annual sea staff seminars in conjunction with suppliers and partners to share important knowledge and/or train its crew.

POSH wanted to incorporate lubrication into its training programme to ensure that its engineers were aware of the importance of oil analysis in avoiding potential equipment problems. The company therefore invited Shell Marine Products to two of its seminars to train staff on best oil sampling practices, the importance of Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA) data when sampling and how to interpret Shell RLA reports.

The success of the training programme is expected to lead to more efficient and knowledgeable engineers who implement lubrication best practices and thus contribute to equipment reliability and performance.


POSH’s crew members are of different nationalities, predominantly Filipino and Indonesian, so the company conducts its sea staff seminars in the Philippines and Indonesia to ensure that knowledge is shared among all crews and that they receive relevant training. POSH invited Shell Marine Products to give a presentation during its annual sea staff seminar on best lubrication performance with the aim of improving overall equipment reliability and performance.


As Shell LubeCoach is part of its technical offer to valued customers, Shell Marine Products gladly accepted POSH’s proposal and worked with the company to identify
the key training needs and to tailor training activities around these.

The activities included practical sessions on interpreting and diagnosing results from POSH’s own equipment. This helped POSH staff to get to know their equipment better and know what to look out for in the trend analysis. The training also aimed to improve their understanding of Shell RLA reports and the Shell RLA web tool; engine fuel injection characteristics and combustion performance; and fluid and surface destructive contaminants. Other activities focused on distinguishing between oil additives and wear metals; understanding critical test parameters and causes of failure; and identifying critical specifications and parameters when selecting a lubricant.


After the training, the crew members have much better understanding of the importance of oil analysis and good sampling practices. They can also fill in the Shell RLA labels correctly and read Shell RLA reports accurately. Shell Marine Products has agreed, in principle, to attend POSH’s future annual sea staff seminars to ensure that this improvement continues.


POSH’s crew members are now better equipped to implement effective lubrication practices, including oil sampling and analysis. This will ultimately help the company to improve equipment reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and increase productivity.

Shell lubecoach

Empowering our customers’ teams with lubrication expertise

Lubrication can play a decisive role in helping to minimise the potential for breakdown and to maximise asset life. Shell LubeCoach is a quality programme designed to help a customer’s staff provide the benefits of a well-designed lubrication plan. The course content is modular and tailor made to suit the customer’s needs and those of its staff.

Delivered by technical specialists with substantial field experience, courses are workshop based to offer practical insights to best practice techniques distilled from know-how gained across the global Shell Lubricants network.

Through the Shell LubeCoach programme, employees come to realise fully the importance of lubrication in the successful day-to-day operation of a facility and gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions to help maximise lubricant and equipment or component life.

Hear it from the specialists

Shell LubeCoach has a team of field-based technical specialists who have in-depth lubricants and application knowledge. These specialists are well versed in maintenance and lubrication practices, having worked with leading global manufacturers. Shell Lubricants wants to share this expertise with its customers through Shell LubeCoach, a comprehensive package of lubrication information catering to all levels of personnel.