Company:  PT Nusantara Terminal Terpadu

Country: Indonesia

Application: Main Engine

Vessel: Tugboats

Key Edge: Shell Rimula R4 X

PT Nusantara Terminal Terpadu (NTT), part of the Titan Group of Companies, owns and operates various vessels, including tugs, barges, self-propelled barges and self-propelled unloading and dredging vessels. NTT has a long-term contract with Titan to transport its coal to one of Indonesia’s state-owned power plants.

Titan Group’s mission and vision are to be a respected company in the region and to deliver high value to its stakeholders through the deployment of the best-available technology in combination with strategic marketing and management practices.

To deliver its vision, Titan Group pursues trusted customer relationships by creating and adding value through the deployment of solutions that conform to best management practices.

NTT currently owns and operates a fleet of 25 tugboats, which it will continue to expand.


NTT would like to extend its vessels’ oil-drain interval without compromising on product quality and services, and, importantly, to improve the efficiency of its vessels through fewer breakdowns.


The front-line technical support at Shell Marine’s distributor, PT Cahaya Samoedera Bersaudara (CSB), with support and guidance from the Shell Marine’s technical team, proposed that PT NTT ran a trial using Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40 engine oil. Through the oil’s triple action technology and superior quality, PT CSB and Shell Marine were confident that the oil-drain interval could be extended, thus meeting PT NTT’s objectives.


Tests conducted through the used oil analysis programme and expert diagnosis by the Shell engineer and the local laboratory showed that the oil-drain interval has been extended from 700 to 1,000 hours; 42%. The vessels also operated efficiently without any issues during the trial and after the switchover to Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40.


PT NTT has extended the oil-drain interval its vessels and is thus operating a more effective fleet and, importantly, achieving its objective of reducing lubrication costs. PT NTT has reported potential annual savings of about US$20,000per vessel through either an extended oil-drain interval or lower oil consumption.

1The savings indicated are specific to the calculation date and mentioned site. These calculations may vary from site to site and from time to time, depending on, for example, the application, the operating conditions, the current products being used, the condition of the equipment and the maintenance practices.