The Shell LubeMonitor cylinder monitoring service runs in tandem with the Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA) Cylinder Check. The Shell RLA service has been used on more than 50,000 cylinder drain oil samples to date for identifying potential oil or equipment issues before they become critical. Many shipping companies make Shell technical services part of their planned maintenance. Shell Marine expects to analyse about 18,000 cylinder drain oil samples in 2016 alone.

Major equipment manufacturers are recommending cylinder drain oil analysis to ship owners to assess the effects of the changes in the demands being placed on marine engines. The Shell LubeMonitor service enables customers to evaluate Shell RLA data and data generated by the Shell Rapid Lubricants Onboard Alert magnetic iron analyser and the Shell Rapid Lubricants Onboard Plus base number test kit, and thereby strike the best balance between cylinder oil cost and engine reliability by optimising feed rates.

Hamburg-based ship owner Oskar Wehr, an early adopter of the Shell LubeMonitor service, reports reducing cylinder oil feed rates by 0.2 g/kWh on 25 vessels while remaining in compliance with equipment manufacturers’ feed rate recommendations. As a result, it expects to save up to $20,000 per vessel per year.

The Shell LubeMonitor service offers easy-to-read reports, a complete engine overview, historical data from aboard the vessel and from the laboratory, and, most importantly, comments from Shell experts highlighting areas for concern or possible optimisation opportunities.

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*Compared with the previous version of the Shell LubeMonitor service

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