Shell Marine Products growing its business in the MESA region

Jul 2, 2013

Shell Marine Products today announced the further expansion of the availability of its range of marine lubricants in the Middle East-South Asia (MESA) region.

Shell Marine Products launches new fuel efficient double hull barges in Singapore

Apr 2, 2013

Shell Marine Products (SMP) has just christened its new double hull barge Enchant, with an environment-friendly engine, demonstrating its leadership in marine safety standards. Time chartered from Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd, these barges are equipped with diesel electric (DE) propulsion systems and will be the first of its kind in lubricants barges in Singapore. “Compared with traditional mechanical systems, these DE systems provide higher fuel efficiency and operational flexibility while at the same time, reduce emissions, noise pollution and vibrations,” said Lim Teck Cheng, Chief Executive of Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd.

Shell Marine Products opens up its portfolio in India

Feb 1, 2013

From 1 February 2013, international customers of Shell Marine Products (SMP) will be able to easily load its high-quality portfolio of marine lubricants from 12 major ports in India.