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Shell LubeMonitor Plus


Shell LubeMonitor is a cylinder condition monitoring programme for two-stroke marine engines. It includes access to Shell tools and advice to help you strike and maintain an acceptable balance between cylinder oil costs and wear-related cylinder maintenance expenses.

Marine Connect software

The Shell LubeMonitor service uses sophisticated software to enable full data integration. This ensures that all data points can be collected from engine system and oil analysis sources, and that they can be easily and securely transferred between customers’ vessels and Shell. Engineering experts can then quickly build a complete overview of data to provide you with the latest updates on your engine’s running condition. They will also provide expert feedback and recommendations in their report.

Accessible version of Shell LubeMonitor Plus

1. The customer takes samples onboard the vessel (2).

3. The samples are analysed using the Shell Onboard Alert and Shell Onboard Plus tools (4).

5. The report is then emailed to the Shell Marine manager (6).

7. The sample is also sent to one of six Shell laboratories worldwide (8).

9. The results are uploaded to the Shell LubeMonitor database (10).

11. Our visualisation and reporting tool is used to analyse the data. From here a pdf report is produced.

12. The report is emailed to the customer.



Shell LubeMonitor 2T

This programme includes:

  • Sweep tests, which equipment manufacturers require for finding the optimal feed rate when changing, for example, fuel (different sulphur level) or load. This test is especially advisable for engines suffering from cold corrosion problems.
  • Feed rate optimisation, which helps to save you money on cylinder oil by finding the lowest possible feed rate and optimum wear rate combination for an engine cylinder monitoring, which helps you to understand the condition of an engine and is particularly useful for engines suffering from cold corrosion. Equipment manufacturers are advising customers to take part in
  • Cylinder monitoring when they are operating a latestdesign engine. The programme can also help you to understand the root causes of high wear issues.

Shell LubeMonitor 4T

This service (only applicable to engines using Shell Argina) includes tailored medium-speedengine oil-stress-management advice. As part of the service, we quantify the financial benefits from implementing improvements.

The combination of Shell Argina engine oil and the Shell LubeMonitor 4T service can help to:

  • Increase engine protection and reliability
  • Optimise operating costs over an engine’s life
  • Provide longer oil life
  • Provide longer engine component life
The programmes above offer the following options
Our Services Standard (essential) Plus (optimising) Pro (special)

Shell LubeMonitor 2T

  • Good cylinder running condition
  • Efficient operation
  • Acceptable wear rates
  • Identifying the lowest lubricant consumption for a particular engine for an optimum balance between engine protection and lubricant cost
  • Onboard test tools
  • Marine Connect software
  • Identifying the lowest lubricant consumption for a particular engine for an optimum balance between engine protection and lubricant cost
  • Onboard test tools
  • Marine Connect software

Shell LubeMonitor 4T

Customer managed Customer managed
  • Shell managed
  • May include engine inspections



What sets Shell LubeMonitor apart?

Shell’s dedication to the marine sector and engineering excellence is reflected in all aspects of its offering, from product development and formulation through to application know-how and global technical support. We possess industry and technology knowledge and experience for all types of low-speed, two-stroke engines.

Our integrated systems open up new possibilities for:

  • more uptime, i.e., more operational engine time
  • higher productivity
  • non-intrusive corrosion and wear monitoring of the engine
  • safer and more reliable engines.

*Compared with the previous version of the Shell LubeMonitor service

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