Shell's LubeMonitor service lets users understand their ship's 2-stroke engine performance better and helps reduce maintenance costs.

Features at your fingertips

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    Insights and trends over time

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    Engine inspection photos and measurements

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    Combined on-board and laboratory test results

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    Tailored technical advice from Shell experts

Your benefits

  • Save time and money

  • Meet latest OEM requirements

  • Increase efficiency

Having in-depth information in one place with real-time updates allows users to make informed and quicker decisions, as well as optimise oil consumption and extend component lifetime.

Experience the digital age of cylinder monitoring

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Experience the digital age of cylinder monitoring
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No more working across different systems. Shell LubeMonitor automatically combines the cylinder condition monitoring functions; Onboard oil testing, Engine operating conditions, Shell LubeAnalyst laboratory results, Shell LubeMonitor reports, and Engine inspection photos and measurements.

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Actionable Insights

Discover a wide range of enriched insights at a total fleet, vessel or cylinder level, supporting better decision-making for users on-board and management on land.

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Easy Access

Regardless of connectivity options at sea, data can be submitted via Web portal, Mobile app or Offline logbook.

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