Shell LubeExpert is our specialist consulting, troubleshooting and research and development service. Our customer-facing professionals can work with you on critical applications and challenging lubrication problems to ensure your equipment runs smoothly. These passionate experts have sector- and applicationspecific knowledge that can help to deliver competitive advantage to your business.

Services provided through Shell LubeExpert include:

  • Application specialist support on marine engines and other vessel equipment
  • Engine testing for external parties
  • Technical consultancy and problem solving.


Our Services Standard (essential) Plus (optimising) Pro (special)

Shell LubeExpert

Specialist consulting, troubleshooting and research and development service

NA Ship visits
  • Engine inspections
  • Field trails

Wherever you are in the world, we have technical services team around the globe that will available to assist. Find out more.

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Shell Marine has deployed a suite of exciting enhancements to its Shell LubeMonitor service, to go beyond all other traditional “cylinder condition monitoring” programmes and position itself as the go-to place for all your engine monitoring needs.

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