Rob Harrison

Who? – Rob Harrison
Role? – Technical Support Engineer
Why? – To find out more about Shell Marine’s MTSC and learn about the launch of Tellus S2 VX

So, what is MTSC Rob?

MTSC is the Marine Technical Services Centre - A central team that provides support to customers and Shell Marine’s customer facing staff across the globe. We are a multi-disciplined team with vast experience in all areas of marine, engineering and lubrication. I have over 28 years of experience working for Shell as an engineer helping to develop gear oils, compressor oils, hydraulic fluids and greases. One of my MTSC colleagues has served as a Chief Engineer for many years and has a Ph.D in Marine Engineering plus we also have experts in lubrication science and laboratory analysis in our team.

When you say you provide support to customers, what do you actually mean?

Support can come in many forms. One of the most common tasks is drafting lubrication charts for the vessels Shell Marine supply – we hold information for more than 10,000 vessels in our system and advise the recommended Shell grade for every piece of equipment on-board.

However, before an oil can be entered into the Shell lubrication chart we have to make sure that it has the necessary approvals from the equipment manufacturer. This is keeping me busy at the moment, getting ready for the next generation of Tellus hydraulic fluids - Tellus S2 VX.

We have already engaged with more than 100 different marine equipment manufacturers in readiness for the introduction. Many of the manufacturers have immediately updated their recommendations to include Tellus S2 VX because they can see the benefit that this improved formulation brings, demonstrated from the excellent results of thousands of hours of testing in the field already.

So the hard work is done already Rob?

We are almost there, but now we need to update the existing Shell lubrication charts. Not an easy job when you think that Tellus fluids are used in a wide range of equipment big and small - everything from steering gear to deck hydraulics to davits to purifiers to pumps and workshop equipment. Once the charts are updated we need to send these to our customers – explaining the benefits of using Tellus S2 VX and assure them that the old formulation and new formulation are fully compatible.

Shell Tellus S2 VX is scheduled to roll out across Shell Marine’s global network in the 2nd half of 2016.

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