The trials included numerous switchovers between ULSFO and higher sulphur fuels (LSFO 1%S, HSFO 3.5%S) and involved several engine types and tank/piping systems.

  • Major benefits of Shell’s ULSFO n Shell’s ULSFO is designed to run in both Main and Auxiliary engines
  • Viscosity at Main engine is higher than would beexpected with DMA
  • Reduced risk of thermal shock during fuel switchover as Shell’s ULSFO can be heated
  • Relative ease of fuel handling with no major increase in crew workload when working with Shell’s ULSFO
  • Runs successfully in both segregated systems, and single settling/service tank environments
  • Better lubricity when compared with DMA, reducing the need for additives
  • Good ignition properties

Typical Properties Shell ULSFO Operational Guidelines

Typical Properties

Shell's ULSFO Typicals
Density, kg/m3 790-910
Viscosity @ 50 °C, mm2 /s 10 – 60
CCAI 800
Sulphur, mass % <0.1
Flash, °C  >60
Hydrogen sulphide, mg/kg <2
Acid Number, mg KOH/g <0.5
Total Sediment accelerated, mass % 0.01 - 0.05
Total Sediment potential , mass % 0.01 - 0.05
Carbon Residue, mass % 2
Pour Point, °C 18
Water, Volume % 0.05
Ash, mass % 0.01
Aluminium plus silicon, mg/kg  12 – 20
Vanadium, mg/kg  2
Sodium, mg/kg  10
Used Lubricating Oil Free from ULO


Shell Trading Rotterdam has a long experience and strong track record in the production and supply of DMA in the North West Europe market. We produce both DMA890 and DMA860 as per ISO 8217:2010, and have the flexibility to produce tailor made specifications on demand. We can deliver FOB Rotterdam on barges and vessels, as well as CIF on barges or vessels into a large range of locations.

Key characteristics of our operations are:

  • 1st class loading installations
  • Flexible and reactive operations
  • Practically no waiting times on loading
  • Security of supply with refinery backing
  • Price risk management: pricing flexibility between EFP, Platts  and Trigger (down to 200mt)

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Shell has decades of experience in the marine fuel market, with a supply network that covers many of the key bunkering locations in the world.