Technology Leadership

How Shell scientists and engineers are shaping the future of lubrication

Technology Leadership

The energy challenge facing us has never been greater. That’s why Shell is working to deliver lubrication and service solutions that don’t just meet the needs of businesses now, but in the future, too.

Our technologists are responsible for a wide portfolio of lubricants and services designed to meet those needs. With technology centres in three continents, we’ve leveraged the know-how of hundreds of experts across the world to deliver products that help our customers’ machinery operate efficiently.

We’ve also set the stage for the next generation of products and services by establishing Shell Lubricants Discovery Hub. It’s a consortium of lubricants technologists, engineers and materials specialists who focus on longer-term innovation, so we’re ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Another key component of this success will be our partnerships, which we cultivate in industry, business and academia. Through long-standing relationships with OEMs, our experts have developed lubricants tailored to the requirements of individual brands, helping their equipment to perform more efficiently and achieve a longer lifespan. What’s more, our partnerships with distributors ensure we’re able to meet the demands of specific markets and regions as they evolve.

Working with leading academic institutions, we’ve combined our practical and technical expertise with ground-breaking scientific research – keeping us at the forefront of technology leadership in lubricants and services. Meanwhile, we’ve also partnered with trade bodies to help set industry standards and specifications that aim to minimise the environmental impact of our customers’ operations via effective lubrication.

With the support of our partners and academic institutions, we’re constantly trying to bring more sustainable, successful and cost-effective products and services to our customers. Through our innovative work in lubrication, we’re forging ahead to meet the future needs of the world’s energy challenge.

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