Early detection of potential failures, tailored to your equipment

  • Detection of machine wear

  • Contamination from water or another lubricants
  • Oil degradation and oxidation

  • Retention of oil viscosity
  • Oil cleanliness
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Select your equipment application to learn what insights Shell LubeAnalyst can provide.

Off Highway

In Construction and Mining it’s vital to keep your operations running efficiently. Operating in wet and dusty environments without the right oil condition monitoring service can lead to reduced equipment life, frequent downtime and project delays.

On Highway

Small things can make a big difference in protecting your fleet investment. Without the right oil condition monitoring service, you may be taking vehicles off the road for oil changes more often than needed and experiencing unexpected breakdowns, increasing your overall costs per kilometre.

General Manufacturing

You need to plan maintenance so that you hit production targets and keep your customers happy. Without the right oil condition monitoring service, you may be left with too many routine or unplanned shutdowns, leading to production backlogs and penalties from assembly partners.


When powering homes and businesses, you can’t afford an outage. Without the right oil condition monitoring service, equipment may fail without warning, leaving you unable to meet customer commitments and with severe financial penalties.


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