Achieve reliability, productivity and profitability

Achieve reliability, productivity and profitability

Owners and operators of mission-critical assets need to eliminate uncertainty about oil and equipment condition to avoid costly downtime and repair costs. Shell LubeAnalyst Lite can help to improve reliability, productivity and profitability. It is an essential part of any preventive maintenance program and gives owners the information they need to help to keep their equipment and vehicles working optimally.

Diagram illustrating how Shell LubeAnalyst Lite works


Shell LubeAnalyst Lite helps you to:

  • capture early signs of abnormal wear.
  • extend oil-drain intervals and change oil only when necessary.
  • avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs.
  • avoid delays waiting for laboratory results.
  • test lubricants on-site at any remote location.
  • reduce overall sample processing costs.


  • Accuracy. As a standalone device, it can provide results to the accuracy and repeatability of ASTM D7417.
  • Speed. Results are available in 15 minutes, which is ideal for fast maintenance turnarounds. Moreover, testing happens on‑site with no samples needing packing and dispatching.
  • Simplicity. The logical menu system requires no specialised expertise or off-site training.
  • Compactness. The tabletop unit is small enough for regular service and maintenance bays.


Shell LubeAnalyst

Oil condition monitoring that enables you to continually track your equipment’s performance and use those insights to inform better maintenance decisions.

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