Inside lubrication services

Shell LubeChat

Online chat with instant access to Shell expertise, for informed decisions that could lower you total cost of ownership.

Shell LubeAnalyst

Expert analysis, with test results, performance trends and advice tailored for individual equipment components.

Shell LubeAdvisor

Pick the level of expert support that suits your operations, from online tools, to phone support, to onsite visits.

Shell LubeExpert

Expert consultation and in-depth troubleshooting of your operations, to help resolve problems and optimise lubrication.

Shell LubeVideoCheck

Non-invasive component analysis, at a level that could previously only be achieved by breaking down your machinery.

Shell LubeCoach

Training and workshops from our lubrication experts, with simple best practice to get the most out of your equipment.

Shell LubeMatch

Use this free online service to find the right lubricants for your vehicles and equipment in seconds.

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Shell MarketHub

Combine the right tools with the right information to help manage and grow your business.

Industry Insights

Find out how lubricants can affect you and your maintenance costs, and what else you should think about, including getting the right partners involved.