Gearing Up for Optimum Performance

Read our report to discover the key issues that can affect gearbox performance and learn how equipment manufacturers can help boost business by recommending the correct maintenance solutions to their customers.

Your customers don’t realize the impact lubricants can have on their business

  • 60% of customers are unclear how lubricants can influence unplanned downtime or equipment availability

    In fact, 20% of customers surveyed believe unplanned equipment shutdown due to incorrect lubricant selection and/or management have cost their business $250,000 or more.

    Shell Omala gear oils exceed minimum gear protection requirements and provides over 98% less wear than industry standard limits.

  • The truth is that lubricants can impact up to more than 30% of maintenance budgets for your customer

    Customers don’t realize the easiest way to optimize operations and improve profitability is by using a premium quality lubricant.

    Through longer drain intervals, longer oil service life, and high performance in harsh temperatures, you can help customers increase uptime and maximize ROI for their machinery.

  • Partner with Shell to have the expertise and knowledge your customer wants

    Get insights and expertise that will reduce warranty claims due to incorrect lubrication and stressful troubleshooting or machine failure.

    Be in the know and keep your lubricant chart fully updated, so you can help your customers get maximum value from their lubricants provider.

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