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WindEurope Electric City 2021: Exclusive Shell Networking Session

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Shell’s Product Application Specialist Ulf Rieper shares his most useful lessons taken from a career in lubricants spanning more than two decades in the field. Having worked across a number of sectors, from general manufacturing to automotive, construction to metals, Ulf is well placed to discuss how the wind power industry can learn from its counterparts and work towards stronger cross-sector ties in search of a brighter future.


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Key takeaways

Ulf explores a wide range of tips for tailoring your operations and maintenance (O&M) practices to the needs of your business. Here are six key topics that you should take note of if you’re in the wind industry:

Key Benefits

  • Identify the right solution

    Whether it’s a grease with excellent false-brinelling performance or coolant technology with improved corrosion protection, the first step is to find the right product for your specific needs.

  • Streamline your maintenance practices

    Working with the right partner can help you finetune your O&M, through tailored oil drain intervals, less intensive maintenance procedures and more strategic decision-making.

  • Consolidate your lubricant portfolio

    By choosing products with multiple equipment approvals and improved compatibility, such as Shell Tellus S4 VE 32, which passes the most severe hydraulic test requirements, helping to keep the hydraulic system free of varnish.

  • Secure component life and performance

    With lubricants that are specifically formulated to provide robust performance, like Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 with its excellent yellow metal compatibility and a 10-year oil life warranty.

  • Support sustainability aims

    Discover our growing range of carbon neutral wind lubricants, and oils, including Shell Diala S5 BD, which uses the latest technology to combine sustainability aspects with longer life.

  • Explore next-generation products

    A new range of lubrication products dedicated to wind applications are helping businesses to further extend oil life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Often undervalued, lubricants are at the heart of successful wind operations. As the industry moves towards bigger turbines with greater capacity and more complex designs, their role will only become more important for optimising output and reducing inefficiencies.

Ulf Rieper, Product Application Specialist (Wind & Industrial Products) at Shell

Headshot of Ulf Rieper, Product Application Specialist (Wind & Industrial Products) at Shell

Ulf Rieper, Product Application Specialist (Wind & Industrial Products) at Shell

Ulf Rieper studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg. He has been part of the Shell Lubricants Solutions team since 1995, taking on various functions, including technical service roles for the chemical and automotive sectors as well as European and Global Account Manager for the chemical and auto component industries.

Over the last 10 years, Ulf has worked closely with Industrial OEMs as an OEM Manager. And since 2020, he has been heavily involved in product development, coordinating technical relations with both gearbox OEMs and equipment manufacturers within the wind sector.

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