A power engineer inspects the blades of an industrial wind turbine.

Five steps to get the most out of your turbines

Keep turbines operating at maximum efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime.

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Shell Turbo - Turbine oils

The Shell Turbo range of turbine oil has been developed to ensure outstanding oxidative stability and to resist the effects of water contamination on turbines and turbocompressors.

Shell Lubechat

Our new Shell LubeChat tool puts a huge range of Shell knowledge at your fingertips. With 24/7 online chat, you can always get answers to your oils and lubes questions, enabling you to make faster, better-informed decisions that can ultimately help to bring down your total cost of ownership.

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Industry Insights

Find out how lubricants can affect you and your maintenance costs, and what else you should think about, including getting the right partners involved


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