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Transformers sit at the heart of global transmission and distribution, converting currents and ensuring electricity travels the long distances required to guarantee a safe and successful delivery of power.

But with such high voltages, temperatures and costs, it’s important that your maintenance can provide:

  • More Protection – Shell Diala transformer oils offer excellent and lasting electrical insulating properties, while protecting against copper corrosion and paper degradation.
  • Less Impact – Shell Naturelle is a range of biodegradable lubricants that can help you meet the latest regulations while providing peace of mind for those with equipment in environmentally sensitive locations.
  • Greater Value – Get the most from your oil – and your equipment – with our complete toolkit of lubrication services, from oil condition monitoring to staff training.

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Shell Diala - Transformer Oils

Protect your equipment with oils that use the latest gas-to-liquids technology, making them perfect for the demands of modern transformers.

Shell Naturelle – Sustainability & Performance

Environmentally acceptable lubricants for environmentally sensitive operations. Protect your equipment while preserving your surroundings with our biodegradable oils.

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Shell LubeAnalyst

30 years of Shell expertise and counting goes into our oil condition monitoring portfolio. See what predictive maintenance could do for your business.

Shell LubeAdvisor

Deliver real value to your business in the form of technical experience and expertise. Our advisors can help either on-site or over the phone.

Shell LubeChat

Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of your power operations. Instead, get instant answers to your most pressing lubrication questions.

Maintaining your Transformer for Optimal Performance

Although oil quality is critical to successful operation, proper transformer maintenance is equally important to avoid this disruptive and costly scenario. Discover how to avoid unplanned downtime with our Transformer Maintenance Guide.

Download Shell Diala Transformer Maintenance Guide

Transformer Oil Seal Compatibility

Discover how the unique technology of the Shell GTL base oils used in Shell Diala S4 and Shell Diala S5 BD transformer oils can help to reduce the rate of oil degradation and to extend oil life relative to other oils.

Download Shell Diala Whitepaper


End-to-End Transmission & Distribution Solutions

When it comes to optimising wind power operations, prioritise an effective maintenance strategy.

Realising Potential

Modern power operations demand maintenance solutions that can combine traditional performance with a reduced environmental impact. Find out more.

Upgrading Protection

See how the right transformer oil helped Kalla Electrical System set their transformers up for success in the face of increasingly challenging conditions.