Oren helps address significant pain for mining and industrial companies by identifying companies underlying pain points and offer solutions to address this pain quickly. 

Oren – mining industry digital marketplace

Title:  Oren – mining industry digital marketplace

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Intro presentation about Oren marketplace.

Shell and IBM have combined strengths to create the first B2B marketplace for mining and industrial sectors – Oren. Oren helps address significant pain for mining and industrial companies by identifying underlying pain points and offer solutions to address this pain quickly.

Oren – mining industry digital marketplace Transcript

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The mining industry is rapidly changing, Companies are digitizing operations to create, More Sustainable, Safer, More effective, New challenges, Oren, The world’s first B2B marketplace for mining and industrial sector, Join the Oren marketplace today, orenmarketplace.com




The mining industry is a foundation of the global economy and touches our lives daily in so many ways. It defines how we communicate, travel, enjoy our life, and stay productive.
The mining industry is rapidly changing as companies are digitizing operations to create more sustainable, safer and more effective mines. The top mining companies in the world are rethinking how mining is done. To stay competitive, mines have to innovate. This brings new challenges. Oren is the world’s first mining marketplace to drive sustainability, innovation and digitalization within the industry. Oren helps you to find and evaluate solutions that are right for your mining company’s challenges and will help to integrate them into your workflows. We will help you find solutions for operations, maintenance and asset management, planning and inventory, sustainability, safety and more. Oren makes easier to find the right solutions and implement them. Digital Transformation is now at your fingertips. Shell and IBM are global leaders in digital transformation.  Shell has been at the forefront of digital technologies for decades, from the advent of underwater robots in the 1970s to today’s high-performance computers helping to detect new energy resources. IBM is the undisputed leader in cloud computing, analytics, and AI. These technologies are bringing closer the innovation in the mining industry. Shell and IBM have united to bring you – Oren.

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Industrial customers reports difficultly to aggregate data to make actionable insights, managing the energy transition, deploying autonomous technology in a way that doesn't impact safety of employees.

$190 billion

Potential benefit of approximately $190 billion for the mining sector and $130 billion for the metals sector throught digitalization. The total for mining and metals is equivalent to 2.7% of industry revenue and 9% of industry profit.

610 million tonnes of CO2

Annually 30B$ duplication in innovation (in terms of IP) in the metals, mining, Oil & Gas sectors.

(Source: BCG) 

Source: 1.Shell study 2.World Economic Forum (2017) 3.World Economic Forum (2017)

Mining industry has a similar value chain model as the energy industry and shares many of the same challenges, including how to manage operations in remote locations. We feel that the energy industry is further ahead in its digital transformation journey, and the solutions we have available can help accelerate innovation in mining as well as potentially in other B2B industries.

Key Values of OREN

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    Simple way

    Oren’s one-stop-shop experience equips you to move at technology speed for deep transformation.

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    Efficient processes

    Oren quickly connects forward-thinking customers with solution providers and industrials technology leaders.

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    Proven solutions

    Oren delivers field-proven solutions for today and the dynamic community to co-create together for tomorrow.

  • Partnership creation

    Partnership creation

    Oren forge new industry co-selling and ecosystem partnerships and co-create next gen solutions.

Oren benefits for industry leaders

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Find right solutions faster

Digital solution listing from IBM, Shell, and third-party vendors – including those we aim to pilot. Find the most cutting edge technology and already established and reliably solutions in one place. Oren listed solutions addressing customer needs in operations, sustainability, safety, production, and beyond.

Digital Readiness Audit service

A digital tool that helps to build solutions roadmap regarding goals and needs. From measure current capability level, prioritize use cases for specific mining site, identify supplier selection criteria, and create of Supplier List based on internal priorities and pre-existing capabilities.

Oren benefits for solution providers

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Data-driven understanding of customer needs 

Sellers will gain insights that are useful for product improvement and that can drive innovation based on what resonates with the customer base and other users of the platform. View data and analytics about interested companies and buyer pipeline for solutions.

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Show your solution to industry leaders

Create a comprehensive and detailed solutions page that helps you to interact with customers and transact faster. Expand your reach to global markets and achieve efficiencies in the quote-to-order process. Benefit from streamlined and secure transacting, invoicing, as well online, on-time payments.

IBM in partnership with SHELL

In partnership with IBM

  • Strong mining an industrial digital services.
  • Leader in cloud, AI, data and analytics solutions.
  • 100+ years in technology, global innovation, and services.