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Future-Proofing Production

Shift your maintenance strategy into the future with solutions that help you put digitalisation and sustainability at the forefront.

Protecting Your Costs

By showing businesses worldwide the impact of proper lubrication on Total Cost of Ownership, we’ve helped them make $139 million in savings. Find out how we did it.

Collaborative Networks

Discover how our work with customers and OEMs is proving that partnerships are helping to mould the future of manufacturing.

3 Ways to Boost Productivity

Is your business making the most of its equipment? Learn how these three simple strategies can help unlock its full potential.

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Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic systems power your production line. But what’s powering your hydraulics? Make it the latest synthetic fluid with ashless technology.


Don’t let friction stand in the way of you and a smooth operation. Choose a high-quality grease that meets your needs.

Gear Oils

Protect asset life by choosing an oil that is designed to help your equipment operate for longer without interruption.