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Asset Protection

Equipment Maintenance: Protecting Profits Come Rain or Shine

Having the right plan and partner has saved farming customers $2 million in recent years, as well as helping to meet their specialised equipment requirements.

Worldwide, rising equipment costs are adding to the pressures of an industry increasingly transformed by globalisation.

In such a demanding environment, it’s crucial that valuable assets perform well – for as long as possible. If a large four-wheel-drive tractor and cab costs $75,000 to buy, and is used for 20 days a year, it needs to last 25 years to earn its keep.

When it comes to equipment that is used more frequently, and static machinery that runs daily, maintenance is even more crucial, because longevity and availability are key. 

And yet, our research shows nearly half of all farmers don’t prioritise maintaining and protecting their current equipment.

To ensure their equipment can work as hard as they do, farmers need the right support, as well as access to high-quality lubrication solutions.

Our industry report, Powering Peak Performance in Agriculture, shows 86 per cent of farmers have experienced equipment breakdowns in the past three years1.

Moving forward, to ensure their equipment can work as hard as they do, farmers need the right support and partnerships, as well as access to high-quality planned maintenance and lubricants.

On top of providing superior lubricants, transmission oils and greases, a valuable partner should have long-standing expertise in the agriculture sector. As well as a deep understanding of the trends likely to impact farmers’ businesses.

Whatever their goals, farmers who have worked with Shell Lubricant Solutions have saved close to $2 million in recent years. Now that’s a conversation worth having.

1 ‘Agriculture: Global Report Powering Peak Performance’, Edelman Intelligence, and Shell May 2018.

Savings indicated are specific to the calculation dates and mentioned sites. These calculations may vary from site to site and from time to time, depending on, for example, the application, the operating conditions, the current product being used, the condition of the equipment and the maintenance practices.

Infographic: Driving Year-Round Efficiency Through Durability

Infographic: Driving Year-Round Efficiency Through Durability

See how farmers can prevent equipment breakdowns, avoid unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency.

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