Agriculture Total Cost of Ownership

Reducing costs and extending equipment life in agriculture through effective lubrication.

Farmers of the Future: Addressing the Skills Gap in Agriculture

Investing in skills around maintenance and lubrication is key to ensuring the success of agricultural operations for future generations of farmers.

How Maximising Farming Equipment Can Contribute to a Sustainable Future

Sustainable farming places increasing importance on agricultural machinery working efficiently and reliably for optimum productivity.

Hey Google, How Do I Make My Farm More Profitable?

As technology transforms agriculture, better equipment maintenance will save farmers money and allow them to innovate.

Farms Under Pressure: How Can Maintenance Protect Profits, Come Rain or Shine?

Maintenance training and high-quality lubricants are key to keeping farming equipment in peak operating condition.

INFOGRAPHIC – Helping Boost Productivity with Effective Lubrication

See in easy facts and figures how effective lubrication can help your farming operation grow.

INFOGRAPHIC - The Farm of the Future

Innovative products, the latest industry insights and maintenance training will ensure equipment is operating at peak performance, today and tomorrow.

INFOGRAPHIC - All-Season Peak Performance: Driving Cost Efficiency Through Durability

How farmers can prevent equipment breakdowns, avoid unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Shell lubricants for agriculture and farming

Heavy-duty diesel engine oils

Heavy-duty diesel engine oil

Heavy-duty diesel engine oils

High quality oil can help protect your equipment and maximise value. We have a whole range of protective products.

Heavy-duty diesel engine oil, Shell Rimula

Axle and transmission oils

Shell Spirax product range - Axle and transmission oils

Axle and transmission oils

Discover how Shell oils protect axles and gears from wear to help reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life and maximise your return on investment.

Axle and transmission oils, Shell Spirax


Greases, Shell Gadus oil product


The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your equipment. With a full product range of Shell Gadus greases, you can select the grease to best meet your needs.

Greases, Shell Gadus

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