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Quarrying and Cement businesses face multiple challenges, but none more so than finding a balance between productivity and sustainability.

In today’s climate, operators must be agile in their production, flexing to shifting capacity demands, while simultaneously ensuring that operations are kept as environmentally friendly as possible.

At the centre of this mix is the equipment that keeps business moving from day to day. Without reliability or energy efficiency when it comes to their equipment, cement plants or quarrying sites are running the risk of building their business on unsuitable foundations.

Being proactive with equipment maintenance can help avoid unexpected long-term costs for a cement business, and lubrication is a key consideration here.

At Shell Lubricant Solutions, we provide the lubrication expertise needed to create a solid maintenance strategy, which will work to support your site no matter the conditions.

Being proactive with equipment maintenance can help avoid unexpected long-term costs for a cement business.

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Watch how we helped a leading global cement producer save almost $1 million in costs by optimising their maintenance practices.

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