Shell has a diverse portfolio of gear oils, greases and hydraulic oils to meet the challenging needs of Wind Turbine manufacturers and Wind Turbine owners and operators.

Wind turbines operate in some of the most remote locations and extreme conditions in the world. Machinery and engineers need to deliver peak performance in the most challenging environments.

In a highly competitive market, even incremental efficiency gains can make a significant difference to the bottom line and downtime is hugely disruptive and expensive. As an owner of wind farms and the market leader for lubricants, Shell understands the realities of operating in this sector.

We are your trusted partner, providing the expertise, services and training to deploy and maintain the most competitive and effective wind turbines. Together anything is possible.

an engineer monitors a wind turbine

Shell Lubricants Product range for Wind

Choose from a selection of gear oils, greases and hydraulic oils to meet the challenging needs of the wind sector.

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Improving Wind Turbine gearbox reliability

Discover how high-performance wind turbine oil cleanliness and filtration can reduce your total cost of ownership.

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