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Shell Gadus for Transport

Key benefits¹

  • Water Resistance

    Water Resistance

    No need to replace your greases every time your vehicles encounter water and spray.

  • Controlled Friction

    Wear Protection

    Avoid breakdowns caused by extreme pressure from heavy loads and bumps in the road.

  • Rust Inhibition

    Rust Inhibition

    Prevent the build-up of rust to keep your vehicles running for longer.

  • Lasting Protection

    Lasting Protection

    Long operational life at both high and low temperatures.

Improving road safety with fifth wheel grease

The correct greasing of your truck’s fifth wheel has a critical role to play in maintaining safety on the road. Insufficient greasing can cause high friction that leads to the reduced manoeuvrability of your truck – potentially causing fifth wheel failure, a trailer drop or a severe accident.

Shell Gadus Fifth Wheel Grease is an easy-to-apply and easy-to-store grease. It offers outstanding load-carrying capability for proper lubrication, reduced friction and effective wear protection.

Additional Materials

  • Why use fifth-wheel grease

    Not greasing enough, using low-quality grease or over-greasing can all compromise road safety.

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  • Choose the right fifth wheel grease

    Choosing the right fifth wheel grease is an important step in ensuring effective lubrication and maximising road safety.

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  • How to apply fifth wheel grease

    The goal when greasing your truck’s fifth wheel is to ensure that a thin and even film of grease covers the whole of the fifth wheel.

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Choose the right product for you

Shell Gadus S5 V220 2

Shell Gadus S5 V220 2

An advanced water-resistant, extreme-pressure multipurpose grease with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. It offers enhanced wear protection and long bearing life at both high and low temperatures.

Shell Gadus S3 V220 2

Shell Gadus S3 V220 2

A premium, extreme-pressure grease for high temperatures that you can rely on to provide excellent wear protection and long bearing life for your moderate- to high-speed bearings.

Shell Gadus S2 V220 2

Shell Gadus S2 V220 2

This multipurpose, extreme-pressure grease provides reliable protection, long bearing life and good all-round performance.