Man working on robotics in a factory

Shell Gadus for Automation and Robotics

Key benefits of Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00¹

  • Load Carrying and Wear Prevention

    Load Carrying and Wear Prevention

    Help your equipment shoulder the heaviest loads by reducing wear.

  • Friction Reduction Protection

    Friction Reduction Protection

    Provide industry-leading friction reduction to improve efficiency and protect components.

  • Protection Against Vibration Damage

    Protection Against Vibration Damage

    Get excellent protection against damage caused by frequent start-stop motion.

  • Avoiding Oil Leakages

    Avoiding Oil Leakages

    Anti-leakage properties give you one less thing to worry about in your operations.

  • Superior Corrosion Protection

    Superior Corrosion Protection

    Prevent the build-up of rust on your equipment, even in humid environments.

  • Low Temperature

    Low Temperature

    Protects components across a wider temperature range.

Model of the insides of an RV

Rotary Vector (RV) Reducer Trials²

In partnership with a leading RV OEM, Shell conducted a complex testing programme under real-life operating conditions. The rigorous tests highlighted Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00 as the highest performer with:

  • Significant extension to RV service life
  • Longer relubrication intervals
  • Improved lower temperature performance
  • Reduced iron (Fe) contamination in the grease