An electric charge being charged

Shell Gadus for Electric Vehicles

Reasons to use e-greases

  • Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    Shell Gadus E6 2400 rates the quietest in accredited industry tests, with greater noise reduction properties compared to competitors.1

  • Controlled Friction

    Controlled Friction

    Low friction is critical in reducing battery power consumption, and Shell Gadus E6 2400 shows reduced friction in tests compared to competitors.1

  • Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion Protection

    Shell Gadus E6 2400 has achieved an outstanding protection rating against corrosive salt water in recognised industry testing.1

  • Leakage Prevention

    Leakage Prevention

    The long-life synthetic technologies in Shell Gadus maintain structure for longer periods, improving shear stability in tests compared to competitors.1

  • Excellent Low-Temperature Use

    Excellent Low-Temperature Use

    Formulated with synthetic base oils and optimised thickener technology, Shell Gadus delivers effective grease mobility at low temperatures.1