Shell Lubricants Technology Lecture Finds Cross-Industry Co-Engineering As Fastest Route To Optimise Fuel Efficiency

Nov 30, 2012

A panel of industry experts this week reiterated the vital importance of lubricants research in helping address the global energy challenge.

Shell to build lubricants blending plant in Indonesia

Nov 14, 2012

Today, Shell announced its plan to build a new lubricants blending plant in Indonesia, with construction starting after completion of a tender process over the coming months.

Shell recognised as leader in Global Lubricants

Nov 5, 2012

Shell’s strong competitive positioning has been underlined in recent months by a number of leading market research firms studying the lubricants sector.

Shell launches its most innovative heavy-duty diesel engine oil

Oct 22, 2012

New and improved Shell Rimula R6 LME brings technological innovation, designed to keep fleets and businesses running smoothly, reliably, and at lower operating costs.

Shell unveils new lubricants blending plant in Russia

Oct 3, 2012

Today Shell opened a major new lubricants blending plant, the first built by an international oil company in Russia.

Shell further invests in Chinese lubricants supply chain

Aug 16, 2012

Shell to build its seventh blending plant in mainland China at eastern gateway location (Tianjin).

Shell launches breakthrough engine oil for the shipping industry

Jul 30, 2012

Shell today launched Shell Alexia S4, its most innovative marine engine oil in a generation.

Challenging industry conventions to achieve smarter mobility in Commercial Vehicles

May 9, 2012

A panel of Shell technology experts chaired a discussion on smarter products, smarter use and smarter infrastructure.

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