The Shell Advance Seven Riding Wonders of the World campaign is asking bikers from around the world  to vote for their favourite road, route or track, which will determine the Seven Riding Wonders of the World. The seven panellists will all be at the grand final event at the 2011 Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix, where they will unveil the world’s ultimate Riding Wonder.

Nicky Hayden, the 2006 MotoGP World Champion and Ducati Corse rider  “There are many great routes that you can ride. I grew up on dirt bikes, but now I love the race tracks. I love being on the famous race tracks, just you and the bike, especially qualifying, just one lap, put it on the line and go for it.

Michael Knaak, Ducati Technical Partnership Project Leader “The Shell Advance Seven Riding Wonders contains some incredible routes, some I have always wanted to ride! Being from Germany, my ultimate Riding Wonder is Nordschleife of the Nürburgring - it has a great history and the chance to ride on a real race track, combined with the forested scenery, is a great way to test my bike and the Shell products I work with every day.”

Razlan Razali, Chief Executive Officer of Sepang International Circuit “I am very privileged to have ridden many great roads in Asia, including the Sepang International Circuit, and the Seven Riding Wonders campaign is filled with so many roads that I would love to ride, especially the route from Bali to Yogya.

Javier Alonso, Dorna, Managing Director of Events and Representative to Race Direction “I have been riding motorbikes since I was a child and have ridden on lots of different types of bikes and roads. In my job I am fortunate to see some of the best race circuits in the world, but for me, I enjoy exploring on my bike and my favourite route is the Bilbao to Perpignan route, although there are many others I would love to explore.”

Tanmay Jaswal, Shell Advance Global Marketing Manager “We are honoured to announce four new panellists, who are all experts in their field and share a deep understanding of motorbikes. We believe they will offer real insight into the selection of the Seven Riding Wonders, and ensure that the ultimate Riding Wonder is truly world class.”

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Notes to Editors

  • The Shell Advance ‘Seven Riding Wonders of the World’ consumer promotion launched in June and is asking motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to vote for their favourite riding wonder with the final seven wonders being put to an expert panel to decide the ultimate route to ride on a motorcycle.
  • Javier Alonso - Javier joined Dorna in 1992, the same year it won the exclusive commercial and television rights to MotoGP. He’s been instrumental in developing the company’s all-encompassing approach the World Championship. His passion for motorcycles goes back to childhood. He started riding bikes at 6 years old and competed as an amateur on trials, endurance races and circuits. He likes to get out on the road in his spare time and his favourite route is Bilbao to Perpignan.
  • Nicky Hayden - Former MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden is now in his third season with Ducati Corse. His love of motorcycles started at just 4 years old, racing dirt bikes around his local dirt track. From amateur dirt track to MotoGP, he’s always raced with number 69 – the same number as his father. His first MotoGP race was in Japan in 2003, with his first victory at his home race in the USA in 2005. He went on to win the MotoGP World Championship in 2006. His favourite rides are the famous race tracks, especially qualifying. “It’s just you and the bike, just one lap. Put it on the line and go for it.” He currently lies in the MotoGP World Championship.
  • Michael Knaak - Michael is responsible for the innovation and development of Shell Advance racing lubricant and Shell V-Power racing fuel for Ducati Corse. He also manages the delivery of Shell Advance racing oil and Shell V-Power racing fuel to every track in the world for all 18 rounds of the MotoGP championship and all the track tests. Despite the travel, Michael is an avid biker and his heart will always belong to the great rides, including the forested scenery of Nordschleife of the Nürburgring.
  • Razlan Razali - The former Malaysian Super Series rider now has his dream job at the Sepang International Circuit. But for the keen Ducati owner, motorbikes are never far from his mind. He recently did a 4-week ride from Medan to Bali and now wants to push on to Yogya. As a child, he would sneak out to ride bikes behind his parents’ backs. Now a parent himself, things are very different. Razali even nicknamed his son Rossi, after his favourite rider.
  • Shell Advance Racing oil is the only lubricant used by the Ducati MotoGP factory team for their engine and gearbox package. The commercially available Shell Advance Ultra has almost the same performance package as this oil, which means that the consumer benefits from almost the same technology as the Ducati MotoGP factory team.
  • Shell Advance motorcycle oil helps to clean and protect your engine, increasing its responsiveness and helps keep your motorcycle performing at its best for longer.
  • As part of the development process, Shell Advance motor oils are tested in the harshest of environments across different continents with different climates. This means that Shell Advance motor oils are uniquely suited to help optimize power output under different temperatures and levels of humidity.
  • The majority of components used in the Shell Advance racing oil for Ducati in MotoGP are also used in the commercial range of Shell Advance 4T motorcycle oils.
  • The implementation of a mix of highly effective ‘optimised friction control’ components in the latest blends of Shell Advance racing lubricant helps the Ducati race bike engines to produce significantly more horsepower.
  • The latest version of Shell Advance racing oil has been optimised to work with Shell V-Power race fuel, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and maximising power output and efficiency of the bike.