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Reducing the Carbon Intensity of Lubricants

With Shell Naturelle, steps are taken to avoid, reduce and offset carbon emissions, in more ways than you might think:

  • Avoiding emissions during production.
    Solar PV panels now supply energy at our lubricant oil blending plants in China, India, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland1, with plans to expand our solar usage globally. We are also optimising our network to reduce total distance and CO2 emissions between storage and distribution points.
  • Reducing carbon intensity with renewable raw materials.
    The base fluids for all Shell Naturelle products are manufactured using renewable raw materials, such as fatty acids derived from vegetable oils. These ‘biobased’ contents have been measured by an independent laboratory, according to ASTM D 6866. In addition, Shell Naturelle hydraulic fluids are recognised by the USDA Bio-preferred programme. Beyond the renewable content, Shell is committed to ethical sourcing and uses RSPO certified sourced materials2
  • Reducing carbon intensity of packaging.
    Waste and emissions are cut by increased usage of recycled materials such as post-consumer resin. The new plastic packaging for Shell Naturelle, developed in collaboration with our suppliers, contains a minimum of 25 per cent recycled plastic. These solutions comply with the latest 2020 EU-Ecolabel requirements and help reduce plastic waste to landfill3. We are also reducing single use packaging and encouraging large pack sizes to reduce packaging waste.
  • Offsetting remaining emissions with Shell nature-based solutions.
    These are natural climate solutions - projects which protect, redevelop or restore land and natural ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands and wetlands. In this way, we help nature absorb more CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

Read more about Shell nature-based solutions.

1 Bern Plant: Bern, Switzerland, Electricity generated from solar energy/ year (MWh): 90, Solar as a % of plant’s total electricity use: 19%, Estimate of annual GHG emissions avoided (Kta)*: 0.004 date: 2019

2 Tested in accordance with ASTM 6866 and RSPO certified sourced materials

3 Compared to the use of traditional plastic IBC and pails


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