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Improving Sustainability without Compromising Performance

Shell Naturelle helps customers meet or exceed sustainability and performance test levels in more ways than one. This portfolio is technically well-balanced, offering protection against:

  • Temperature - Low and High – A naturally high viscosity index (VI) fluid, for protection across a wide range of temperatures, as well as throughout normal machine cycles, by ensuring optimal film thickness at start- up, efficient heat transfer through the machine, and good thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Pressure, Speed and Loading – Shear stability, component wear protection, anti-scuffing, load carrying capacity.
  • Environment – Dust and water contamination – filterability, separation, rust and corrosion protection, resistance to run off.

For example:


Shell Naturelle S4 Hydraulic Fluid 46 has 2.51 times better oxidation stability1 than is required by the Swedish Standard2, Bosch Rexroth and Eaton minimum limits. This fully saturated ester provides extended oil life through greater oxidation and thermal stability.


Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluids use fully-saturated esters along with carefully selected additives, designed for excellent load carrying capacity & anti-scuffing performance, with excellent water separation3, shear stability, a high VI offering wide temperature range protection4.


Shell Naturelle S5 V120P 2 is a lithium complex grease designed for extreme pressure with anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-rust protection across a wide temperature range -35°C to 100°C 5.

Transformer fluids

Shell Naturelle S4 I Transformer Fluids offers a very high oxidation stability, good dialectic strength, low flammability, efficient heat transfer and long service life6.

Shell Naturelle lubricants are designed with these challenging conditions in mind – as well as the longer oil life and performance needed for use industrial applications. Choosing the right biodegradable lubricants and implementing ongoing monitoring with a service like Shell LubeAnalyst  helps extend equipment life, lower your total cost of ownership – and protect the environment. 

1 Oxidation is the main cause of lubricant degradation. It increases the viscosity of the oil and creates acids which can corrode surfaces, form sticky deposits, varnish and sludge. This can result in filter blockage and increased viscosity. This can lead to component failures, frequent filter and lubricant changes as well as increased downtime, lubricant consumption, parts and labour costs.

2 Swedish Standard SS 155434. For full list of approvals and specifications, please speak to your Shell representative

3 Many lubricants do not easily filter - especially when they have water contamination in the system. Less than two per cent water contamination can result in the plugging of system filters, which increases load and strain on pumps and other system components.

4 Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluids approvals and specifications include Kongsberg: 68, 100, 150KHI: 68, 100, Schottel: 100, 150Brunvoll: 68, 100, Wärtsilä: 68, 100, 150. For full list, please speak to your Shell representative.

5 Shell Naturelle Grease S5 V120P 2 approvals and specifications include EU Ecolabel NL/027/019 (not cartridges), Rolls-Royce Marine, Becker Marine Systems, US EPA VGP 2013 compliant, USDA BioPreferred. For full list, please speak to your Shell representative.

6 Shell Naturelle S4 I Transformer Fluids approvals and specifications include IEC 61099 Type 1, Meets IEC 61039 K-class fire point and Class 3 low heat value. For full list, please speak to your Shell representative.


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Shell Naturelle offers reliable, well-balanced performance and our highest standard in biodegradability and ecotoxicity.

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