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Five Things to Know About Shell Naturelle

1. Naturelle delivers sustainability without compromising performance

Having a biodegradable oil with low ecotoxicity doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. With Shell Naturelle S4 Hydraulic Fluid, you benefit from longer oil change intervals, which means reducing the amount of oil you need to buy and dispose of. In a 2000-hour field trial using a Jonsered 2490 crane with a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic gear pump, the product showed no viscosity increase over 2000 hours.

2. Naturelle is safe for our environment1

Shell Naturelle is classed as readily biodegradable because tests show greater than 60 per cent of it will naturally degrade over the course of 28 days. As such it can be assumed to biodegrade completely under aerobic conditions2. These properties minimise any negative impact resulting from accidental leaks or spills in water or in land.

3. Solar energy helps reduce production emissions

To reduce emissions during the production of Shell Naturelle, we use solar energy to power our lubricants plants. Solar PV panels now deliver electricity at our oil blending plants in four different countries3 – and we are going to be increasing our use of solar energy globally.

4. Naturelle packaging creates less plastic waste

By using recycled materials like post-consumer resin, we have been able to create a new kind of packaging for Shell Naturelle which contains a minimum of 25 per cent recycled plastic. This reduces the amount of plastic waste going to landfill4. We are also reducing single use packaging and encouraging large pack sizes to reduce packaging waste.

5. Shell Naturelle is a carbon neutral5 brand

Any remaining emissions from the production of the Shell Naturelle range are offset with Shell nature-based solutions – which are projects that protect, redevelop or restore land and natural ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands and wetlands.

Read more about our nature-based solutions here.

1 All Shell Naturelle products are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 B, >60% degraded by the end of the 28-day test

2 As defined by OECD, Annex I, OECD 301 guideline for testing of chemicals

3 Bern Plant: Bern, Switzerland, Electricity generated from solar energy/ year (MWh): 90, Solar as a % of plant’s total electricity use: 19%, Estimate of annual GHG emissions avoided (Kta)*: 0.004 date: 2019

4 Compared to the use of traditional plastic IBC and pails

5 “Carbon neutral” indicates that Shell has engaged in a transaction where an amount of CO₂ equivalent to the CO₂e amount associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution, use and end-of-life of the product has been avoided as emissions through the protection of natural ecosystems or removed from the atmosphere through a nature-based process. CO₂e (CO₂ equivalent) refers to carbon dioxide (CO₂), methane and nitrogen oxides


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