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Driveline Products & Services

Put your potential in motion

The success of your operations relies on your ability to keep your equipment working efficiently and reliably – often in challenging conditions. Discover how our portfolio of lubricants and services helps you to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and lower your carbon emissions.

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Optimise your lubrication programme

Lubricants might only account for 1-2% of your maintenance costs, but they can have a significant positive impact on your operations. By using the right combination of lubricants and services tailored to your business needs, you can improve the productivity of your vehicles and equipment – saving up to 30% of your operating costs.

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Expect more from your equipment

From heavy-duty engine oils to multi-purpose greases, our wide range of lubricants keep your equipment operating at peak performance for longer. As well as increasing uptime, they help to reduce the costs of maintenance and extend equipment life. Improving fuel economy and lowering emissions, they help your operations to be more efficient, productive, and sustainable.

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Turn difficulty into opportunity

It might not be possible to eliminate problems entirely, but it is possible to see them coming and take preventative action – avoiding any unplanned and disruptive downtime. From oil analysis and training to expert advice delivered on-site or online, our end-to-end services help you to maximise equipment uptime, improve your profitability, and take advantage of new opportunities.

How to keep equipment running all year round

How do your machines handle the stresses and strains of operating in harsh environments? Watch our videos below to see the positive impact high-quality hydraulic fluids and greases can have on the efficiency and reliability of your equipment – even as seasonal changes create unpredictable working conditions.

Driveline Products



Engine Oils

The Shell Rimula range of engine oils keep your fleet on the road for longer, providing 56% better engine wear protection1. It also improves your fuel economy while extending oil drain intervals by up to 150,000 km2.



Providing your equipment with effective multi-purpose protection, the Shell Gadus range of greases improves the reliability of your fleet. It delivers lasting protection and helps your vehicles to perform at their best for longer.


Gear & Axle Oils

Delivering up to 3x longer oil life and greater energy efficiency3, the Shell Spirax range of gear and axle oils keeps your vehicles running at their best during every journey. As well as increasing the mechanical efficiency of your fleet, it also helps to prevent premature failures and unplanned maintenance costs.



Engine Oils

The Shell Rimula range of engine oils provide robust protection for the latest engine technology and keeps your equipment running for longer. It delivers enhanced oxidation control and guards against oil breakdown in extreme temperatures.


Hydraulic Fluids

The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic fluids keeps your equipment running smoothly day in, day out. As well as providing 75% better sludge protection4, it lasts up to 3x longer than industry standards5 – offering better performance and lower consumption.


Gear Oils

Delivering outstanding anti-wear performance, the Shell Spirax range of gear oils provides you with a lubrication solution for all seasons. As well as improving productivity through extended oil drain intervals, it helps you to reduce your maintenance costs by extending component life.