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Greases: Future-Proofing Your Maintenance

Is your grease holding back your equipment?

Grease technology is evolving to meet the needs of high-tech equipment such as robotics and the latest wind turbine innovations, in addition to specially designed e-greases to protect and lubricate Electric Vehicle powertrains. 

As OEMs continue to push the boundaries of equipment technology, your machinery is increasingly able to produce and perform at a greater rate. The challenge comes with ensuring this equipment is adequately protected against the pressures of a modern operating environment. Without the correct lubrication you may be unknowingly limiting your output or putting yourself at risk of unexpected downtime.

Next-generation equipment needs next-level greases. And there are no exceptions. Whether you work with wind turbines, robotics or manufacture the high-tech powertrains of electric vehicles (EVs), your choice of grease can determine your business capabilities. It’s key that you choose a product that meets the requirements of your equipment, from load carrying and wear prevention through to vibration and friction reduction.

With EVs in particular, the sophisticated powertrains require specially designed greases. While protection and lubrication remain key, they must also offer electrical compatibility and thermal management. Shell Lubricant Solutions works directly with EV OEMs to engineer greases that are fit for the future of mobility.

Find out how you can make the energy transition as frictionless as possible with Shell Gadus and Shell e-greases.

Without the correct lubrication you may be unknowingly limiting your output or putting yourself at risk of unexpected downtime.

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