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Greases Case Study: Protecting Barrick's Gold Mine Operations

Shell Lubricant Solutions protects one of the world’s most productive gold mine operation.

Providing peace of mind that money can’t buy.

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Barrick runs the Lagunas Norte mine in Peru, an open-pit, crush, valley-fill heap leach operation that is one of the few gold mines in the world with the capacity to produce more than one million ounces per year. With productivity paramount, there was a pressing need to reduce plant stoppages – and operational costs – by increasing the life of production belt bearings.


With premature wear a key issue, caused by irregular lubrication and dirt, dust or water contamination, Shell Lubricant Solutions recommended the Shell Tactic EMV automated greasing system, pre-filled with Shell Gadus S3 T220 2, a premium-performance grease designed for extreme-pressure situations. The combination helped to overcome equipment unreliability, providing regular and reliable amounts of grease at two critical points in the production chain.

Paired with the technical training of Shell LubeCoach, Barrick staff were able to be swiftly onboarded on to the new system, giving the business a stronger foundation to build from.

The elimination of premature bearing failure gave the whole site greater peace of mind.


The recommended solution made Barrick a reported annual saving of $167,417. However, impact was felt beyond this, with a decrease in manual lubrication time freeing up technical staff to attend previously neglected areas of the business. While the elimination of premature bearing failure, as a result of an automated and reliable greasing system, gave the whole site greater peace of mind.

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