Cansolv has developed and commercialised the CANSOLV® SO2 Scrubbing System.

The regenerable amine technology for sulphur dioxide (SO2) removal from combustion gases has been demonstrated in a variety of applications including oil refineries, chemical plants, utilities and non-ferrous smelters.

Through partnerships and research and development activities,

Cansolv offers multi-emission technology for the control of SO2 and other contaminants and a carbon dioxide (CO2) capture process for greenhouse gas reductions.

Greg Lewin, President, Shell Global Solutions International B.V., said:

“As global energy demand grows and the availability of easy oil and gas diminishes, strong gas treating capabilities will be required when unlocking new resources such as sour natural gas or clean coal energy.”

“We want to further develop technology that has the potential to clean up contaminated gases and flue gases – predominantly SO2 solutions in the first instance.

With the addition of Cansolv’s technology to our portfolio, we have enhanced our capability for the treatment of various compositions for syngas – from coal gasification, contaminated natural gas and refinery streams – and further differentiated our technology.”

“Cansolv’s promising capabilities in CO2 capture will also allow us to further explore post-combustion carbon capture technology and solutions.

We must ‘learn by doing’ in order to reduce costs, accelerate technology development and ultimately make carbon capture and storage (CCS) commercially viable on the back of emissions trading schemes.”

Cansolv’s offices are located in Canada (Montréal) and China (Shenzhen).

All employees will be retained.

The company will become fully integrated into Shell Global Solutions over time.