The Cansolv system will capture 50 tonnes per day of CO2 from a slipstream of the flue gas at Aberthaw.

An innovative and regenerable amine-based technology will be used to give a high capture rate of CO2 with optimum energy consumption.

Cansolv will design and provide the fully modularised plant that will be operational for a two-year period.

Subject to planning permissions be granted, construction is expected to start January, 2010, with commissioning expected in the first part of 2011.

It will be the first demonstration plant of its scale in the UK and RWE npower and Cansolv will work together to develop operational strategies to optimise the application of this technology for the esulphurisation and decarbonisation of flue gas from a coal-fired power plant.

The integrated CANSOLV SO2/ CO2 plant is an important step forward in the demonstration of carbon capture technology.

It allows for combined sulphur and carbon capture techniques, with the potential to reduce energy losses through selective heat integration.

The Cansolv patented technology is a highly flexible system that uses regenerable amines to selectively absorb SO2 and CO2 from gas streams, and is applicable to a broad range of industrial applications in addition to power plant flue gases.

Shell Global Solutions acquired Cansolv Technologies Inc. in November 2008.