At a time when the economy is lagging and many refiners are short of cash, the need to meet or exceed changing product specifications is of great concern. This, combined with decreasing margins and heavier and (more sour crude) sourer, requires management and engineers to take concerted action.

To help refiners manage sulphur, Shell Global Solutions offers its Sulphur Technology Platform, a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of customised licensed technology and catalyst solutions. Based on the organisation’s extensive owner/operator expertise, Shell Global Solutions’ Sulphur Technology Platform can be customised based on the refiners’ business goals. Operational improvements can be implemented in the short-term, revamps in the mid-term and a phased investment in the long-term.

By installing the correct assets and acquiring the right technology, refiners have the flexibility to manage increasing sulphur content while meeting increasing product specifications and global and regional emissions regulations.

The comprehensive hydroprocessing and gastreating solutions coupled with key partnerships manage sulphur in any form (gas, liquid or solid). For example, Sulphur Technology Platform uses deep flash technology to cut deeper into the barrel, resulting higher vacuum distillate yields compared to conventional vacuum units. These integrated solutions also include effective revamps, such as hydrocracking units converted to process more difficult feedstocks, optimised hydroprocessing of gasoline, kerosene and diesel components to low sulphur products and beyond ULSD plus gas treating technologies to remove refinery emissions.


The complete Sulphur Technology Platform includes:

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