Inside refinery technology licensing

Sulphur Technology Platform

Shell Global Solutions’ Sulphur Technology Platform helps refiners manage increasing sulphur content while meeting product specifications and emissions regulations.

Catalytic Dewaxing

Catalytic dewaxing is used to improve cold flow properties of diesel fuels by selective hydroisomerization and hydrocracking of paraffins.

Maximum Diesel Hydrocracking

Shell Global Solutions provides pioneering hydrocracking configurations to help refiners respond cost effectively to growing demand for ultra-low-sulphur diesel


Hydrotreating is an established refinery process for reducing sulphur, nitrogen and aromatics while enhancing cetane number, density and smoke point.

Reactor Internals

Shell Global Solutions state-of-the-art reactor internals technology helps to optimise catalyst utilisation, maximise cycle length, shorten turn-around times and increase process safety.

Refining Catalysts

Shell Global Solutions can provide customers with an optimised hydroprocessing solution from its extensive, leading-edge technology design portfolio.