Inside Petrochemical technology licensing

Pyrolysis Gasoline Processing

Shell Global Solutions offers a wide range of licensing packages for pygas processing to provide a custom-fit solution for customers.

Petrochemical Catalysts

Shell Global Solutions and CRI work with customers, providing high performance catalysts and technologies to unlock value.

C4 and C5 Hydrogenation

Shell Global Solutions draws on over four decades of operational experience, providing a range of Cand C5 hydrogenation unit designs that are based on commercially proven technology.

These are challenging times for petrochemical plant operators. Significant volumes of new capacity are set to come on stream over the next few years, just as margins are under extreme pressure. This is compounded by climate change issues, changes in the energy environment and geopolitical issues.

However, the sector has shown to be cyclical. Many plant operators are resolving to combat the turbulence by examining key metrics such as operating costs, safety, reliability, integrity and utilisation. Their aim is to be best placed to prosper and grow when the sector emerges from this difficult period.